Pepe Coin Hits $1B Market Cap After Binance Listing!

• Pepe coin has hit the $1 billion market cap mark after Binance, the world’s largest exchange, announced plans to list it.
• Avorak AI was recently featured on Binance Feed and has attracted attention for its competitive advantages.
• Pepe coin has had a 5,000% increase in price and is highly volatile.


This article discusses how Pepe Coin hit the $1 billion market cap mark and how Avorak AI was recently featured on Binance Feed. It also provides information about Pepe Coin’s growth potential, price performance, volatility, and lack of utility.

Pepe Coin Overview

Pepe Coin is a meme coin that pays tribute to Pepe the Frog with a maximum supply of 420.69 trillion coins and more than 390 trillion currently in circulation. Despite its lack of utility, Pepe Coin has gained traction through social media platforms like Twitter, fostering a community around it and experiencing tremendous growth since its inception.

Price Performance

Since its launch on April 17th, Pepe Coin ranks among the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap with an increase of over 5,000%. However, due to concerns about whales holding large amounts of the token as well as its lack of utility, many analysts have suggested that Pepe Coin’s current price rise may not be sustainable over the long-term.

Avorak AI Overview

Avorak AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) crypto project which offers a wide range of AI solutions that are part of a single interactive system using both text and voice-to-text inputs to increase accessibility and usability. Some solutions include security analysis tools, command-line trading bots, automated online shopping services with powerful chatbots etc., all powered by AI algorithms faster than human data analysis capabilities for accurate predictions/outcomes/analysis’. The Avorak Trade bot had 72% success rate on April’s Bitcoin spot leverage trades making impressive moves while in development.


This article covers how Pepe Coin achieved $1 billion market cap mark after being listed on Binance; along with Avorak AI’s growing hype due to its numerous competitive advantages. Although PepeCoin experienced great price increases so far but due to several factors including whales holding large amount of tokens as well as no utility it may not sustain its current prices in long run; however AvorakAI offers various solutions like security analysis tool , command line trading bots etc which have made impressive moves since their development started .

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