Debt-Ceiling Deal: Liquidity Hole Could Tumble Stocks, Bitcoin Seen as Safe-Haven

• US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has confirmed the potential of a US default due to debt-ceiling issues.
• Wall Street experts predict lawmakers will avert disaster, but liquidity issues could still affect the economy.
• Bitcoin may adopt a safe-haven sentiment and decouple from stocks if the stock market falls due to the liquidity crunch.

US Treasury Secretary Warns of Default

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned of the possibility of a US default due to debt-ceiling issues, causing investors to hedge for possible repercussions. Wall Street experts are confident that lawmakers will ultimately agree and avert disaster, but this could still cause liquidity issues in the economy.

Impact on Liquidity

Experts have predicted that the government would need to restock its dwindling cash buffer in order to pay off its mounting debt, which would require selling Treasury bills. This sudden supply burst is estimated at approximately $1 trillion by the end of Q3 and could quickly drain liquidity from banks, potentially raising short-term funding rates and increasing recession risks.

Bitcoin as a Safe Haven?

Bitcoin had previously been highly correlated with riskier assets such as stocks throughout 2022; however, since mid-April it has seemed to transition into more of a safe haven asset with an inverse correlation with stocks instead. If there is indeed a drop in stock prices caused by a lack of liquidity, Bitcoin may benefit from this shift in sentiment and adopt more of a safe-haven position.

Caution for Investors

Although it appears that Bitcoin may be headed towards adopting more safe-haven characteristics, traders should take note that these correlations can vary between positive or negative depending on external factors. Therefore investors should remain cautious when making decisions based on Bitcoin’s behavior relative to other assets or markets.


The potential US default due to debt ceiling issues is cause for concern for investors who must now hedge against any repercussions from Washington’s resolution. Liquidity problems could arise if government needs to restock its cash buffer which could threaten stock prices and lead Bitcoin into adopting more safe-haven characteristics Trading in correlation with gold rather than stocks. Although this may be beneficial for some crypto investors, those investing should remain aware of varying correlations and use caution when making decisions accordingly

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