Blockstream Launches Research Team to Push Bitcoin to New Limits

1. Blockstream has announced a formalized research team to develop Bitcoin infrastructure and push the boundaries of what’s possible with Bitcoin.
2. The team is working on projects such as Simplicity, Miniscript, Elements Script, Cross Input Signature Aggregation (CISA/XISA), MuSig2, Scriptless Scripts, and Fedimint.
3. The research team consists of 10 experienced researchers including Andrew Poelstra, Andrew Chow, Dr. Russell O’Connor and Christian Lewe

Blockstream Research Team

Blockstream is a leading Bitcoin infrastructure company that has announced a formalized Blockstream Research team to advance the platforms at the core of the Bitcoin ecosystem and explore new possibilities for the cryptocurrency space.

Projects in Progress

The research team is currently developing various projects such as Simplicity, which is an alternative programming language to Bitcoin Script; Miniscript which enables analysis, composition and generic signing; Elements Script which includes new covenant opcodes; Cross Input Signature Aggregation (CISA/XISA) for more efficient transaction signatures; MuSig2 for multisig transactions; Scriptless Scripts for smart contract execution off-chain; and Fedimint which enables deposits and withdrawals while maintaining privacy at the federation level.

Team Members

The Blockstream Research team consists of 10 experienced researchers who are committed to advancing bitcoin technology including Andrew Poelstra (Director of Research), Andrew Chow, Dr. Russell O’Connor and Christian Lewe among others.


The goal of the research team is to create solutions that make bitcoin transactions more secure, private and efficient by exploring new ways to use its underlying technology. These solutions have been developed in order to increase scalability on the blockchain network by reducing transaction size or creating off-chain protocols that enable smart contracts without compromising security or privacy levels.


In conclusion, Blockstream’s formalized research team aims to improve existing bitcoin infrastructure while pushing its boundaries through innovative solutions such as Simplicity, Miniscript and Elements Script among other projects in progress with the help of its highly skilled members who are committed to furthering blockchain technology development in order provide users with increased security, efficiency and privacy when using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin

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