Aave Soars 20%, InQubeta Set to Surge 10x: Invest Now!

• Aave has had a great week after the SEC caused a market downturn, increasing by 20%.
• InQubeta is gaining traction within the crypto and AI community as it solves a crucial pain point in the AI sector.
• Investors can purchase InQubeta now for $0.00875 to benefit from its 100x price increase, residual income, and governance voting rights.

Aave’s Recent Performance

Aave has had an impressive week, following the recent market downturn caused by regulatory concerns around cryptocurrency. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was responsible for the most recent market downturn in early June, but Aave was able to recover from this quickly and surge by about 20%, although it appears to be cooling off now.

InQubeta Gaining Traction

InQubeta is becoming increasingly popular within both the crypto community and within the AI industry due to its exceptional fundamentals and problem-solving capabilities. By being the first crowdfunding platform for AI tech startups through cryptocurrency, InQubeta is solving a crucial pain point in the AI sector while offering investors a novel investment opportunity in cryptocurrency markets. Its success has seen it raise over $900,000 during its presale period.

Benefits of Investing In InQubeta

Investors who choose to purchase tokens on InQubeta will gain access to many benefits such as real-world investment opportunities as NFTs and profits from emerging AI companies that they have invested in. Furthermore, holders of these tokens can stake them on the platform for rewards paid out of its staking pool or vote on governance decisions with their tokens giving them more control over their investments. The token currently costs $0.00875 per token at stage 1 of its presale period which makes this an attractive investment opportunity with potential returns of up to 100x depending on future performance.

What Is QUBE?

InQubeta (Symbol: QUBE) is an innovative marketplace that helps crowdfund AI technology startups through tokenization or minting real-world investments opportunities as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These tokens represent stakes in emerging AI companies which are listed on InQube’s marketplace allowing investors opportunity to invest and benefit from returns generated by these companies with minimal risk associated with investing into such tech projects typically associated with venture capital funding rounds.


In conclusion, investing into QUBE offers many advantages such as high potential returns of up to 100x if successful along with residual income earned through staking rewards and governance voting rights giving investors more control over their investments making it an attractive investment option during this time when traditional markets are struggling due to Covid19 pandemic related uncertainties

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